Home Ownership

 Do you currently live in bad housing?  Could you afford to make house payments of $350 a month?  Would you be willing to help build your future house and that of others?  If so, you may qualify for a home of your own.


What is Highland Rim Habitat for Humanity?

HRHFH is a Christian organization dedicated to eliminating substandard housing in Coffee and Franklin Counties by building simple, decent, affordable homes alongside families in need.


Does HRHFH give houses away?

No. Families in our program buy the homes that we and they help build. Each family is required to invest 300-400 hours of "Sweat Equity."  After the home is complete, it is sold to the family at no profit and mortgaged with a 20-35 year, no interest loan.  The current average monthly payment for a three-bedroom home is $350, including taxes and insurance.


How much does is cost to build a Habitat house?

The average cost of a Habitat home in our area is about $65,000. That cost includes the land and construction of the home.


Who qualifies for HRHFH houses?

 Approved families must be Coffee or Franklin County residents whose income is between 35% and 60% of the average county medial income.  A credit check is performed on each applicant to determine income level and the debt-to-income ratio.  We want to ensure that all families selected have the means to maintain monthly mortgage, tax, and insurance payments. Other requirements include demonstrating a need for decent housing and the ability and willingness to partner with Habitat and complete the Sweat Equity requirements. We also require each family to complete homebuyer financial education course and home maintenance course. For more info click on the minimum requirements link below.


How are Partner families chosen?

HRHFH's Family Selection Committee reviews applicants and conducts home visits to the family's current residence. The committee evaluates the applicants and makes recommendations to the board of directors for approval. Families are chosen without regard to cultural background, sex, handicap, religion or station in life.


Interested in homeownership through HRHFH?

To see the Minimum Requirements, click on this link Requirements. If you meet the minimum requirements and wish to proceed, click on this link Partnership Questionnaire to display a printable form. Begin the application process by submitting the completed questionnaire to:



                          PO Box 1295

                          201 W. Lincoln St.

                          Tullahoma, TN 37388