Day Phone:______________________   Cell Phone:____________________________


Email Address:__________________________________________________________


Availability to work:

Sat. : 8 am -12 pm:__________

Sat. : 1 pm -5 pm  :__________

Please indicate your commitment:

            One time basis___________________

            As needed______________________


Important - Indicate tasks of interest by entering the experience code:

            N = Little Experience, M = Moderate Experience, or P = Professional Experience.

            You may indicate more than one task.



____ Porch and Deck Building

____ Door Hanging

____ Painting*

____ Cabinet Installation

____ Interior Trim Carpentry

____ Siding Installation

____ Window Installation



____ Flooring

____ Hardware/Shelving Installation

____ Landscaping*

____ Drywall Installation

____ General Carpentry

____ Insulation Installation*

____ Shed Building


*Suitable for individuals with little construction experience


Check any of the following to indicate tasks you are willing to perform:



___Sandwich/drink preparation for workers

___Picture taking

___Phone volunteers

___Write articles for newspaper/publicity

___Gofer (able to drive to go for supplies, run errands, etc.)



I am over age 16 and am volunteering with the understanding that the construction leader (or his appointed team leader) is in charge of all project volunteer assignments at the Highland Rim Habitat for Humanity worksite.  I understand that Highland Rim Habitat for Humanity is not responsible for accidents or injuries on the site. Your health insurance is primary with HRHFH insurance being secondary; HRHFH in compliance with Habitat International policy maintains liability insurance.

Signed: __________________________________________DATE: ____/_____/______

Please give this completed form to the construction leader when first reporting to the worksite or mail it to:   HRHFH, PO Box 1295, Tullahoma, TN 37388