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Highland Rim Habitat for Humanity (HRHFH) builds affordable, decent, and sustainable homes in both Coffee and Franklin Counties of Tennessee.  Our organization is very proud that every effort is made to observe (and usually exceed) appropriate codes and standards as we strive to construct dwellings that are healthy places, that are energy efficient, and that incorporate building practices and materials having a positive impact on natural resources and the environment.


· Affordable: Both the construction cost and the ongoing operating cost are considered in the home’s design and construction.  Volunteer labor and donated materials are fully utilized in the building process.  And, energy saving insulation, windows, appliances, and HVAC equipment contribute to the long-term affordability to the homeowner.


· Decent: Every effort is made to ensure that homes are built in safe and viable communities.  Consideration is given to quality water availability, adequate sewage access, occupant floor space, handicap needs, number of bedrooms and baths, and sufficient storage.


· Sustainable: Long-term maintainability is a key consideration in the home’s design and construction.  Every effort is made to use exterior materials that are both environmentally friendly and are low maintenance.  Xeroscape techniques are utilized where possible on plantings and turf.  And, homeowner maintenance training is included as part of the 500 hour sweat equity requirement.


Current construction project details can be found by clicking on either Coffee County or at Franklin County.