HISTORY Affiliate History Highlights


1992-Highland Rim Habitat for Humanity becomes an official affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International.

1993-First official Board of Director’s meeting was held. The Mary Hickerson family in Tullahoma was the first family selected for a HRHFH house. Groundbreaki ng was celebrated on May 22, 1993.

1994-Groundbreaki ng for HRHFH’s second house was done in Cowan on June 23, 1994 for the Eslick family.

1995-The third HRHFH house was for the Burton family in Manchester. The founder of Habitat for Humanity International, Millard Fuller, was present for the groundbreaki ng on March 5, 1995. The fourth HRHFH house was completed in Cowan for the Glascoe family in this year.

1996-The old Tullahoma News building was purchased by the First United Methodist Church in Tullahoma and renamed the Henry Center. HRHFH became one of the tenants in the building with office and storage space. The Coker family in Tullahoma moved into habitat’s fifth house.

1997-This year was a banner year for HRHFH. Three houses were completed. The Majors family moved into a house in Manchester, the Jones family had one built for them in Cowan, and the Sutton family moved into a new house in Winchester. The parcel of land now known as the “Habitat Subdivision” in Winchester was purchased with the help of Winchester Rotary Club. It was divided into 13 building lots.

1998-Two houses were completed. The Miller family in Winchester and the Kochans family in Tullahoma were the proud recipients. The Jordan family house was started and burned by arsonists when it was half way completed.  

1999-The Mary Jordan family house is rebuilt and completed in Boynton Valley in North Coffee county. The Childress house was started in the new Winchester Habitat Subdivision. Darrell Drinkall was hired as the first administrative assistant for the growing affiliate.

2000-Four houses are completed in 2000. The Childress family and Brewer family moved into their new Winchester Habitat subdivision homes. The Sabo and the Taylor families had new homes built for them in Tullahoma.

2001-Only one house was completed this year and it was dedicated to the Blair family of Winchester in the Habitat subdivision.

2002-One house was completed for the Ho family of Tullahoma. One house was started in Winchester for the Jones-Buckner family and one house started in Manchester for the Thompson family. Two new families move in to re-habilitated habitat homes. The Walker family moved into the Cowan #2 house and the Moore family moved into the Tullahoma #4 house.

2003-The Family Selection Committee recommended the Rollins and Scott families for a house each in Tullahoma, the Farrar family for a house in Manchester, and the Simmons and Wolff families for a house each in Winchester. The Board of Directors approved them for homes as soon as HRHFH could build them in the next two years. HRHFH purchases two homes from habitat homeowners who could no longer afford their mortgage payments.

2004- The Farrar family move into their new habitat house in Manchester. HRHFH buys a tract of land on Chamberlin Circle in Tullahoma to be developed for building sites. The Rollins family moves into their new habitat house on Grizzard Street in Tullahoma. A new webpage was developed for HRHFH. Groundbreaki ng for the Wolff family takes place in Winchester. Dedication for the Simmons family in Winchester takes place and they move into it. The Board of Directors vote to purchase Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University training  program for new family education.  

2005-The Bowles family of Tullahoma is selected for the next house built in Tullahoma. The Wolff family home in the Habitat subdivision in Winchester is dedicated. One house is sold at foreclosure for non-payment of mortgage.

2006-Groundbreaki ng ceremonies are held and construction starts on the Bowles family house on Chamberlin Circle in Tullahoma.  HRHFH holds foreclosure proceedings on two homes and buys one back. Payments are caught up on the other.  Lot on Oak Street in Manchester is deemed unsuitable to build on and is sold.  

2007-Crystal Farless is approved for a house in the Habitat Subdivision in Winchester. The Frame family was approved for a house on Chamberlin Drive in Tullahoma. HRHFH director Darrell Drinkall is elected president of Habitat for Humanity of Tennessee. The Bowles family and the Farless family houses are dedicated.

2008-The Bess-Burt family is selected for a house on Chamberlin Drive in Tullahoma and the Teal family is selected for a house in Hillsboro. HRHFH joins the Chambers of Commerce in Manchester, Tullahoma, and Winchester. Nissan notifies HRHFH they will sponsor a house in Winchester.  Darrell Drinkall, HRHFH director for nine years, passes away. Jim Watts is made interim director.

2009-The Tomes family was selected for the new Nissan sponsored house in the Winchester subdivision. Jim Watts is made new director of HRHFH to replace the deceased former director, Darrell Drinkall. An extensive revision of the HRHFH by-laws, personnel policy, committee  and office procedures was made by Director Jim Watts.  Charla Graves is certified by the THDA as a financial trainer.

2010-2012- The Skillman-Hayworth family in Winchester was selected to be the recipients of a new house to be built in the  Habitat subdivision in Winchester. The house was completed in June, 2012.  Householder -Artman Accounting firm was chosen to be the new external auditing firm. The city of Tullahoma donated a building lot on Grizzard Street to HRHFH. Jim Miller replaces Jim Watts as the new director of HRHFH.  Robert Goss was hired as administrative assistant. We tithed to build a house in Guatemala.  Chose 2 families, Andre and Jennifer Reynolds of Winchester and Tonya Bryant of Manchester for initial builds for 2013.

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